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The number of dna profiles of children on the Dutch dna database trebled over the past two years, reports BNR news radio on Monday quoting figures from the Netherlands Forensics Institute. The total has risen from 1,627 in 2006 to 5,628 in 2008. Since 2005, everyone convicted of a crime punishable by four years or more in jail must give a dna sample. This is kept on the data base for 20 years. The dna database was set up to keep a check on hardened criminals but it is also being used to register the […]

Announced last February, The new FBI database, called Next Generation Identification (NGI), has many privacy advocates worried.  It will already add palm prints, but it is the new, and seemingly massive, collection of photos that seems to be the main concern.  By adding more photos, NGI is seen to be automatically creating a facial recognition database.  Add this to the iris scans and the palm prints, and one could become very worried over issues of privacy. The government claims that they will respect privacy concerns, but how can they when the government itself receives failing […]

Springfield Lodge Day Nursery in England is now taking the overly cautious step of fingerprinting parents to make sure they are really the parents of the children inside the nursery.  Unfortunately, parents have bought into the hype that their children are in danger and most have agreed to be fingerprinted as a safety precaution. Linda Berryman, the owner of the nursery, said the measures were for the “safety and security” of the children. But the charity Kidscape, which aims to protect children from harm, described the measure as “paranoid and overkill”. Michelle Elliot, director, said […]

When first announced, I said the passport cards for people who make frequent trips to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean were a bad idea.  My opinions appear to have been verified. Security specialists told The Washington Times that the electronic-passport card can be copied or altered easily by removing the photograph with solvent and replacing it with one from an unauthorized user. James Hesse, former chief intelligence officer for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Forensic Document Laboratory, which monitors fraudulent government documents, said the card should have been designed with a special optical security strip […]

As many have stated numerous times before, identity cards are useless in the prevention of terrorism.  They are, and always will be, a means to control the population forced to carry them.  A leaked report from the EU has just admitted as much. The EU report, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, says most people behind terror attacks in the UK and Europe were living in the EU legally and so would not be affected by increased security measures. The British National Identity Register is, most likely, illegal under some EU countries’ laws, such as […]

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