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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Sunday stunned audiences when he explained how he is “disappointed” that the focus in Ferguson, Missouri, is on the majority of the police force being white, rather than violence between African-Americans.

The conversation erupted when “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd began discussing the disproportion of white police forces to the communities they serve in areas across the U.S. aside from Ferguson, including Newark, New Jersey and El Paso, Texas. ”All of those places could become future Fergusons,” Todd said.

Giuliani quickly pivoted the conversation, arguing “the fact is, I find it very disappointing that you’re not discussing the fact that 93% of blacks in America are killed by other blacks. We’re talking about the exception here.



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C-SPAN’s news program Washington Journal, turned ugly during a discussion on civil rights Thursday.


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“Rep. Steve King is defending his remarks that drew criticism from his own party leadership that the children of some immigrants were being used as drug mules.

“It’s not something that I’m making up,” King told Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson. “This is real. We have people that are mules, that are drug mules, that are hauling drugs across the border and you can tell by their physical characteristics what they’ve been doing for months, going through the desert with 75 pounds of drugs on their back and if those who advocate for the DREAM Act, if they choose to characterize this about valedictorians, I gave them a different image that we need to be thinking about because we just simply can’t be passing legislation looking only at one component of what would be millions of people.”

Most students who benefit from the DREAM act and plan to attend universities or join the U.S. military…are drug mules?! Iowa’s loathsome Rep. Steve King says as much, doing little to hide his disdain for Latino immigrants, nor his disdain for actual facts.

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Fox News host Bill O’Reilly criticized President Obama and the nation’s black leaders for not dealing with what he sees as problems in black culture. Chris Hayes reviews O’Reilly’s comments and explains why they are so off base.

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Columbus Day

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