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President Obama is at Stanford University today, hosting a cybersecurity summit. He and about a thousand guests are trying to figure out how to protect consumers online from hacks and data breaches. Meanwhile, in the cyber underworld, criminals are trying to figure out how to turn every piece of our digital life into cash. The newest frontier: health records. Security experts say health data is showing up in the black market more and more. While prices vary, this data is more expensive than stolen credit card numbers which, they say, typically go for a few […]


A new law in Massachusetts makes insurers list the price for health care services. Patients can go to an online program to determine where to get the most affordable medical care, like an MRI for example. Differences are up to 5x more from location to location.

This video is part 5 of a 14-part WPF video series on health privacy and health information exchanges. Medical Idenity Theft in Health Information Exchanges from World Privacy Forum on Vimeo. Medical identity theft happens when your identity is used for acquiring medical goods or services in another person's name. The problem is that when this occurs, your medical files reflects a record of health care services or goods that you didn't receive. If your imposter has a different medical condition than you do, then your medical file can contain errors. One of the potential […]

When the Supreme Court handed down their decision in the Hobby Lobby case last week, they may not of thought about the backlash that would occur. For better or for worse, past cases about religious exemption have turned on the right of individuals to opt out of laws that conflicted with their beliefs: like Quakers and the draft, or Native Americans and peyote. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was supposed to help protect groups like the Quackers and Native Americans. Justices with agendas have changed that, with thousands now calling for its repeal. The Hobby […]

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