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There are now two ways for Americans to get involved in the war on terror and feel good about reporting their fellow Americans. DriveMeCrazy, developed by Shazam co-founder Philip Inghelbrecht, allows users to report drivers for numerous, minor infractions. The new Patriot App for the iPhone allows users to report anything they find suspicious. Charles Reinighaus, creator of the app believes that Americans need to be more proactive towards terrorism and reporting suspicious activity. Read the rest of my article at The Daily Censored.

As much as I try to protect my identity online, this is a story that I cannot just let go. Scotts Bluff County Sheriff Jim Lawson and the sheriff’s department in my town has decided that there is a major threat of terrorism and that the county needs to adopt the “See something, say something,” mentality in Western Nebraska. Lawson says he obtained permission from the New York Office of Homeland Security to use the slogan for a local campaign after seeing an article in a magazine. The Department of Homeland Security has announced intentions […]

In the past month, we have seen major media outlets follow the story of National Opt Out day. Now that it is over, the stories are less frequent and will probably subside as the media moves on to other stories. It is important, however, to remember that everyone must keep up the pressure against the TSA or else the TSA will feel that they can continue their abusive behavior towards travelers. Read the rest of my article at The Daily Censored.

There are several new phones coming out next year that will have RFID stickers on them, enabling you to pay for your purchases with just a swipe of your cell phone. It all sounds convenient until you learn that retailers want access to your cellphones and social networks for marketing purposes. Read my entire post over at The Daily Censored.

This morning, I woke up to read an article on Ars Technica about the new pat downs that are coming to the nation’s airports. They intend to be extremely thorough. This, of course, is to embarrass people into sheepishly heading over to the full body scanners because they don’t want to be embarrassed. It is yet another piece of security theater designed to get you to step over to the backscatter line and do as you’re told. But just how creepy and thorough are they? Read the rest of my article at The Daily Censored.

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