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The TPP Coalition, the companies lobbying for terms to be added includes such game related companies as Disney, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Time Warner and the MPAA. It talks about copyright term limit extensions, trade secrets, a DRM circumvention ban and the possibility of criminal prosecution for large scale infringment. That large scale infringement could occur without even considering piracy in the video game modding scene. Source.

The new Xbox One is meant to heavily rely on kinect for voice commands and will, eventually enable two-way conversations. It will also rely on facial recognition that can tell if someone new enters the room. This has led to some very creepy scenarios in which privacy advocates have begun discussing. Naturally, the first thought is of advertisements. Microsoft owns Skype and its users recently found out that Skype listens in on calls. It isn’t that far of a leap to see a world where a person’s Skype connections are automatically added to the Xbox. […]

In light of Obama’s proposal this week to study the impact of media on violence, Adam examines what exactly it is about video game violence that attracts us, and how those unfamiliar with new media have a tendency to misconstrue it. Source.

Source. Mirror. Mirror 2.


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