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A prosecutor with the state Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals said former Anchorage Police Department officer Mark Moeller had a lot going for him before “he acted incredibly stupid.”

During his year and half as an APD officer Moeller used the Alaska Public Safety Information Network, or APSIN, to access information about an arrest warrant for his sister-in-law, and search her former boyfriend. Moeller also looked up DUI charges against a woman he had entered a relationship with after arresting her; his actions came to light when Moeller called a prosecutor to ask that the DUI be dropped, prompting a call from the prosecutor to APD.

Moeller initially faced eight felony charges and five misdemeanors for his actions, before making his plea agreement. He has been given a suspension in sentence for the felony criminal computer-use charge, meaning if he doesn’t violate terms of probation for two years the charge will be expunged from his record.

It sure must be nice to be charged with felonies and misdemeanors and have them whittled down to two years probation.

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Jacob Appelbaum’s keynote at LibrePlanet 2014. The talk was delivered remotely via Tor-anonymized, 100% free software videochat.

Original here.

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Learn more at Herdict.


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For the past three years, Elaine Rich and 3,000 other average people have been quietly making probability estimates about everything from Venezuelan gas subsidies to North Korean politics as part of , an experiment put together by three well-known psychologists and some people inside the intelligence community.

According to one report, the predictions made by the Good Judgment Project are often better even than intelligence analysts with access to classified information, and many of the people involved in the project have been astonished by its success at making accurate predictions.


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Everyone loves YouTube right? Wrong.


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