When privacy advocates thought they had won in Texas in defeating the need for all 10 fingerprints for a driver’s license, the Department of Public Safety stepped in to pledge they will work towards restoring the requirement.

The Senate Transportation Committee had passed a bill in March that prohibited the DPS from the procedure, after Sen. Charles Schwertner, R- Georgetown argued that it was an invasion of privacy.

As a results, DPS returned to the old standard – a single index finger.

This week, DPS Director Steven McCraw told the Texas Public Safety Commission that the agency will continue to press for the authority to gather the biometric data.

The Department of Public Safety and those who back them say it will make Texans safe.

DPS officials said full sets are a more accurate identification tool than the thumbprints that typically accompany driver’s license applications.

It is presumed that DPS thinks everyone with a driver’s license has the same thumbprint, thus the need for nine more.