A few days ago, Ars Technica and cnet ran a story describing a fourth amendment case in which the court stated that the police were allowed to install hidden surveillance cameras on private property. Naturally, the first thing redditors decided was that these cameras should be found and then detailed ways to circumvent the cameras.

Itskieran had one of the more original ways of dealing with surveillance cameras.

So what about just smothering peanut butter on the lens? Surveillance no longer possible and if you’re extra lucky, a bear will come fuck it over. If you’re extra unlucky, the bear will come after more peanut butter, and you wont even get your grizzly death on tape.

Others suggested placing photos over the camera of whatever the camera was looking at as well as the problems that would arise from doing so. Of course, porn would come up too.

Find a cheap media player and solar panel on deal-extreme, play porn on it 24/7, strap it in front of the camera!

There were suggestions to build things around the cameras.

theres no law about building say… a tool shed around the camera? lol or…. a pool under it…. or planting bushy rose bushes around it

Roses are okay, but there are several varieties of plants and shrubs (quite a few that are native to any particular area) that have thorns, spines, and/or prickles that would do even more to discourage people.

You could also go for one of the ‘poison’ plants such as poison oak, poison ivy, poison sumac, etc, or one that produces furanocoumarins, which are chemical compounds produced by plants (several from the parsnip family) that become rather strong irritants, but only after it is transferred to skin and then exposed to sunlight; very noticeable during the day, not so much at night.

While most of these are amusing, the major concern of this case is that, because the men in question did not own or lease the land. Open fields do not warrant fourth amendment protections.