In yet further proof that no one at the TSA understands human rights and dignity, TSA chief John Pistole sent a memo to all TSA employees congratulating them on jobs well done after helpless passengers pleaded guilty to “assaulting” said employees.

Journalist Becky Akers obtained the memo and has printed it in full online. In the memo, Pistole brags about how the two passengers have been punished for what the rest of the world would consider justifiable self defense.

In July 2011, a passenger flying out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport argued with our Officers, refused screening and groped the female Supervisor. [He’s referring to the heroic Yukari Miyamae.] The 61-year-old woman was charged by local law enforcement. Last week she pleaded guilty to two charges – assault and disorderly conduct.

The woman entered into a plea agreement stipulating that she would enter into a state court-appointed counseling program and was served with an injunction prohibiting her from having any contact with the STSO personally or professionally.

The TSA is legally allowed to grope, feel up, and sexually assault airline passengers, but when someone says they’ve had enough and gropes back, they are arrested and punished. To make matters worse, Yukari Miyamae will be in further trouble should she ever have any contact with the TSA female supervisor. This, essentially, prohibits her from ever flying out of Phoenix Airport because Yukari Miyamae has no way to control when and where this female supervisor will be at any given time.

Yukari Miyamae also is being forced to enter counseling as part of her punishment. It should be forced upon every TSA employee who has agreed to perform sexual assault on passengers, including children.

The judge admonished the woman for “irresponsible conduct and lack of respect for the people who keep us safe.”;

The judge admonished this woman while saying that everyone should automatically respect the TSA employees who keep us safe. What, exactly, are they keeping us safe from? Are we automatically supposed to respect the TSA employees who run crack and meth through the airports? How about the TSA employees who have been caught trafficking child porn? Are they to be respected as well? Maybe we should respect the TSA employees who throw hot coffee on passengers. Maybe it’s the TSA employees that have been stealing from passengers we should be respecting. I’m sure they were just trying to keep those passengers’ iPads, cash, and jewelry safe from the terrorists. Pistole thinks we should respect the TSA employees who run prostitution rings out of hotel rooms, should they are god, and grade how “hot” female passengers are.

TSA leadership at the local and national levels will always provide our employees our full support and resources whenever you are conducting your job with professionalism, integrity and hard work.

If the numerous examples above point to doing a job with professionalism, integrity, and hard work, it is the TSA that need counseling and retraining, not the helpless passengers that are forcible subjected to TSA procedures.

The other incident occurred in Miami in December when a female passenger alarmed the AIT and pushed the female Officer explaining the pat down procedure. The push was so forceful that the Officer stumbled backwards. [The Man of Utmost Integrity has twisted the facts here so much I have no idea what story he’s referencing. Sorry.] The Supervisor quickly intervened and Miami law enforcement responded and charged the passenger. After TSA provided clear video evidence of the assault, the woman changed her plea to guilty and had to pay fines and court costs. More importantly, she issued a formal apology to the Officer that was assaulted.

A shove and stumbling backwards is, evidently, more of a problem at the airport than actual terrorism. Fortunately, the judges in Miami are a tad bit saner and this woman only had to pay a fine and court fees, proving that the TSA is bringing frivolous cases before the courts.

I would like to thank our Chief Counsel’s office for their ongoing efforts to defend our employees and also express my appreciation to the Officers who were assaulted while performing their security duties with professionalism and integrity.

Neither of these cases is assault. What is happening is that airline passengers are reaching the tipping point of dealing with the invasive procedures the government has forced upon them and are fighting back. No one in the TSA should be congratulated for the job they are doing. They are, instead, being complicit in making ordinary citizens criminals. There is nothing they do in their daily duties that includes professionalism or dignity.

This sort of behavior will continue to occur, as it did this week against another Florida woman.

Of course, if you’re a US Congressman, you can push back and not get arrested and everything will be fine. If you’re a regular traveler, you’d better know your place and cow-tow to what the TSA employee barks at you.