Note that none of the passerbys seem concerned at all about what is happening.

From the YouTube description:

On June 19, 2011, after the Transportation Security Agency pulled my pants down, I was arrested at BNA for refusing to pick up my pants until I was informed as to whether the search was complete. I never got the answer to my request, “Is the search over?” The resolution search that I agreed to after my 3″x4″ microfiber cloth had been picked up as an anomaly in the millimeter wave scanner, is the same search that Senator Rand Paul (KY) refused. I am a frequent flyer, having A-list status with Southwest and flying through Nashville 3 dozen times in the past 2 years. I now opt out of the millimeter wave scanner and maintain an informal record of the search procedures of the TSA. The grab and pull of my pant legs seen in this video was not necessary as all the TSA searches I have received before and after the incident have proven.

I am looking for a lawyer to sue the TSA. The charges of Disorderly Conduct and Public Indecency are unjust. One officer, Robbie Keeler, was heard stating, “I think we’re stretchin’ it on the Public Indecency, but what the hell?! Have him tell it to the commissioner. I would like to charge the all officers involved, Officer Hardini Carter and Officer Robert Merritt, round up the pack. TSA agents Seth James and Lee (badge# 74020) are also liable. The first thing Agent Lee said upon standing up after pulling down my pants was, “Pick up your pants.” When I asked, “Is the search over?”, his response was, “Pick up your pants, sir!” His supervisor Seth James, could only offer snide remarks and the same “Pick up your pants!” command. I explained, “Is the search over? Because if the search is over, I will pull up my pants and grab my stuff.” The TSA Agents and the Police Officers had no intention of respecting my right to know whether the search was complete.

This video was obtained by requesting it from Bob Watson and Terri Barnhart. The TSA records at double time. 714p_thru_725p_11-01025_061911.mpg

As you are watching the video remember these questions:

As American citizens, have we or have we not, the right to know whether a search we voluntarily submit for is complete or if it shall continue indefinitely?

Is it TSA policy to submit American citizens to submission by dehumanization?

Am I prepared with the phone number of a friend or relative with a land line telephone, in the event that I attempt to keep my dignity at the airport?

Are the police liable for false arrest when they themselves reviewed the surveillance video and thought the charge of Public Indecency to be a stretch?

Watch out Americans. There are government agencies that do not respect your right, nor you dignity.

I am looking for a lawyer who believes in justice for American citizens. It has taken me nearly 8 months to even post this video on youtube and start to solicit the lawyer help, because the psychological toll this incident has taken can be unruly at times.