Carl Bernstein believes that Julian Assange is doing the right thing. This video covers several different aspects of the Wikileaks story. If you have read even a portion of the Wikileaks cables, none of it isn’t anything we didn’t know or didn’t suspect and there is nothing that should surprise anyone. Most of the information is low classified information. In the future, there will be many people getting rich off of books written based on this information.

It appears everyone, except the media, knows where Julian Assange is located. Assange has volunteered to come in, but the Swedish government rejects that and issues an arrest warrant. There are many questions concerning the charges and what is and isn’t true. No one should make judgments about that issue, until a court decides. Questions remain, however, just what is going on?

In the meantime, Wikileaks has had to move its servers as has kicked him off. withdrew its support of hosting Wikileaks’ files, causing Daniel Ellsberg to call for a ban on Paypal has also suspended the Wikileaks donation account again, but there are still ways of donating. If Assange and Wikileaks weren’t ruffling feathers, companies wouldn’t be succumbing to US pressure.

The US military is pressuring their soldiers to stay away from reading the cables. Columbia University is doing the same thing to their students. The Library of Congress has also blocked access to Wikileaks on their staff computers.

Not all the news is bad. Besides Daniel Ellsberg and Carl Bernstein, Time magazine and Congressman Ron Paul think we need more people like Julian Assange in the world.

Cablesearch is now available for you to search through everything that Wikileaks has released. It’s in beta, so it won’t be perfect, but it is helpful.

Pissing off this many people in such a short amount of time usually means you’re doing something right.