Only $456.14!


One would have to wonder if this can be fooled with a life-sized photo or a reconstructed model of my head.  There isn’t a lot of details on how the 3D facial recognition works.

This lock has an ethernet port, so how hard would it be to connect to it and send a signal telling the lock that the face has been recognized?  The convenient USB port would also come in handy if one would want to bypass the lock, by using a custom made program to subvert the facial recognition.

If I’m a criminal, however, I’m not even going to bother with this lock.  I’m just going to go break a window and climb into your house instead.  I can also just kick the door down.

This device is more for show than practical application.  Show it to your friends and business customers and impress them with your cool gadget, but don’t use it for any sort of real security.