The British government has committed a gross invasion of privacy when they turned their CCTV towards a bedroom. Transport for London manages more than 1500 CCTV cameras and have a live feed of someone else’s bedroom. These cameras are supposed to be focused on the roads in London, so what purpose would a live feed of someone’s bedroom serve?

It would be bad enough if this was simply the view seen by some pathetic, voyeuristic CCTV operator who couldn’t wait to get home to study their collection of magazines. But it was not.

He – or possibly she – pointed a live traffic cam into a couple’s bedroom and, as a result, this view could be seen by anybody on Planet Earth who clicked on the feed from that particular camera at 10.21 on 18th December, 2009. The Tfl website identifies where the house is. One can only hope that, as it will be easy to work out which house this is, the couple are supposed to be in each other’s arms.

Considering this is a second floor window and 180 degrees away from the road, there’s really no reason for the camera to ever be pointed in this direction.

I post the information here to prove the same point the original author did. There must be facts to back up the claim that the CCTV operators are abusing their position. If you cannot provide proof of abuse, then a complaint cannot be registered with the local council or police to stop such actions from occurring again. I have also provided the picture with the personal information blacked out. The original and google map of the location is out there, however, I believe that the above photo provides all the evidence of abuse by the CCTV operator that is necessary.

Fortunately, this time the bed was empty. What if it was your house and your bed and you had no clue that you were being watched when you assumed you were safe inside?