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This is what happens when you challenge the authority of border patrol. The woman, Jessica Cooke, has every right to know why she is being detained. “Looking nervous” is not a legitimate reason to stop someone.

Jessica Cooke, a 21-year-old from Ogdensburg, New York, recently graduated from SUNY Canton with a degree in law enforcement leadership and had already applied for a job as a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent when she was surprised by an impromptu final lesson at a CBP checkpoint on Route 37 in Waddington last week. What she learned—that people who insist on their constitutional rights in this setting run the risk of being roughed up and shot with a stun gun—should help make her a better CBP agent, although CBP may not see it that way.

When Cooke refuses to comply with the officer’s demand to “stand over there,” he uses a taser on her.

Listen to the horrific screams after the woman is tased for no reason. Then, they tell her she needs to turn over on her stomach, which is extremely difficult to do when you are flailing from being tased.

The CBP are considering pursuing assault charges against Cooke.

No charges have been filed and Ms. Cooke said she never was read her Miranda rights, adding she was told by agents they were trying to decide whether to file state or federal charges of assaulting an officer.

They found nothing in her car.

Ms. Cooke, who exhibited visible scrapes and bruises on her upper back, foot, hands and elbows on Friday, said she was handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car where she waited for an hour for a K-9 unit to arrive.

During an exterior inspection of her vehicle by the unit, nothing was found, Ms. Cooke said. She said agents then opened the car doors, got her keys and opened the trunk.

Again, nothing was found, Ms. Cooke said, adding that agents did a second search of the vehicle with the K-9 unit, but found nothing.

Agents locked her car and delivered her keys and her dog, which was in the car during the exchange, to her parents’ house in Ogdensburg, she said.

Ms. Cooke said she was placed in a holding cell at the U.S. Border Patrol station in Ogdensburg for several hours. Eventually, a St. Lawrence County sheriff’s deputy drove her home, she said.

This is an example of how you will be treated if you challenge any authority, despite the fact that it is legal to ask the questions she did.

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Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian (The Point), and Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?) hosts of The Young Turks discuss the threats Abby Martin received from fans of American Sniper Chris Kyle, and debate whether her wearing a shirt that said “Fuck Chris Kyle” was the right thing to do.

Fans of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle have threatened to rape and kill former RT anchor Abby Martin for criticizing the deceased Navy SEAL and creating a T-shirt they find offensive.

“Some psychotic Chris Kyle fan just doxxed me & my family’s personal information on a bunch of sniper forums. If anything happens to me or them you know who to blame. These are the real f*cking terrorists,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Martin had criticized Kyle in the past for describing Iraqis as “savages” in his book. She also described the American Sniper movie as “dangerous propaganda that sanitizes a mass murdering psycho.” But it was her shirt that appears to have set off a campaign of harassment against her.

This week, conservative websites posted a picture of Martin wearing a “F*ck Chris Kyle” shirt. She had uploaded a photo of the shirt to her Instagram account last week. One website, which incorrectly identified her as a “liberal artist,” called on readers to “publicly shame” her for her “treasonous actions.”

Read more at Raw Story.

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Read more: Study: Congress literally doesn’t care what you think.

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Today virtually everything we do is monitored in some way. Nearly every device we use is connected to the Internet. Thousands of companies are analyzing our everyday behavior. Businesses are using this data to make predictions, to manage risk and to motivate behavioral change. To what extent do companies really track our daily lives in 2015? How is predictive analytics based on personal data already being used in the fields of insurance, banking and human resources? And what is to be done?



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